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Balaram Stack September 13, 2014 0

Well where to start. Not sure if too many people check this thing being we haven’t posted a single thing in months. Instagram twitter Facebook and reality have all gotten in the way of that i guess. the past year has been quite an interesting adventure, from bigger parties to better surf trips with all the emotional highs and lows that have come with it.

Ill start with a more recent adventure that i encountered. My birthday weekend always seems to exceed mine and whoever I’m withs expectations. Wether it be trying new things with old friends or getting don p showered on your head like were part of the black bottle boys. This year was no exception and being that the past two years have been planned out and crazy as can be, i decided to drop any plans and just go with a few friends on a whim to a few fun bars i know in the city. That didn’t happen. We started off trying to go to a lovely little asian masseuse spot in midtown called **** gardens. A place when my boy hamlet and i spent a glorious morning after raving all night in the sweat of about 500 young asian sensations and finished the night off with a full body rub down at sunrise. We had a couple females with us already so that got put on hold early in the night. We then went to brother jimmys, a good southern beer drinking restaurant with friendly waitresses who seemed to love torturing us with pickle back shots, coated our stomachs with some pulled pork, hushpuppies and checked into my room at the soho grand.

Immediately we walk in and theres six foot skinny dolls all over the lobby bar (having a birthday during fashion week never hurt nobody) check into the room and order our $16 whiskey gingers. Still getting buttered up gaining more social confidence by the sip we sat down at a table invited a few girls around and started to mingle. Now i don’t remember most of the night but what i do is that the bar scene got postponed when we coincidently ran into a friend dj japancakes who played at a club in the hotel. Thinking yea we will check this out and move on. My credit card was behind the bar, there are beautiful girls to my left and right, birthday shots were flowing, we were going nowhere fast. I had a lovely blue haired brooklyn friend come by to liven up the scene and everyone started dancing the night away, going up to the room back down running around like it was our own luxurious house party. It was a great time to say the least.

I then woke up the next day with that way too familiar feeling of where am i, are my phone wallet and emotions still with me, and who is that sleeping next to me. I then realized there was a flight out of laguardia to toronto with my name on the manifest about 3 hours from now that i knew then and there was not happening. I was luckily in my hotel room, my phone was being charged in the room next to me, wallet was long gone, and for the person next to me, all i knew was that when i looked a second time all i heard was the hotel door shut like i had imagined it and a ghost just left the room. Apparently* we ended up going to hogs n heifers in the meatpacking district just before last call to finish off our night. Its a place where i had previously gotten kicked out the weekend before which is a very hard thing to do being that the bartenders talk shit to you for wanting to leave before last call. I guess i really liked the bartenders leather pants that night and wouldn’t shut up about them being on and off of her. It is one of my favorites, if you are any bit sensitive to being called a pussy by raunchy southern girls in bikinis its not for you.

As we got our day going i immediately went back to the lobby bar in search of my wallet and made very good acquaintances with the male host whom seemed to really want us to be drunk at 10 am with him and with his leather jumpsuit. So we drank a couple ginger refreshers on the host and i had begun my adventure. I had gotten my flight changed a few hours later, made it home got my passport drove my hungover yet determined body to the airport. I was on my way to meet up with a good friend Pat Schmidt for an asap mob concert the next day. I made plans to go up there with him and meet this group of friendly girls who i have only previously met on FaceTime. Pat had never said a word to any of them and there he is at the airport in toronto waiting for some blonde hair to call his name hoping they weren’t some catfish girls i met on instagram. They ended up being the coolest girls, the type that u feel like u have known for years so that made the situation easier. I was still at laguardia airport trying to get on this flight but i had no wallet so the flight change never got paid for and it was too late to do over the phone. It was just one thing after another I then rebooked a later flight got my brother to spot me with his card, took a shuttle to jfk and finally flew up there.

When i arrived this girl sent one of her friends who was this guy in a convertible mercedes looking like sam smith. We got caught up on the situation very quickly being that pat had informed them of my fucked up mishaps during last night and today. And the fact that there was an unopened birthday bottle of jack waiting for me made it that much easier. Pat and i danced the night away hoping from club to bar to club with the mentality of mimosas and caesars will get us right back into it for tomorrows concert. Canada was a lot more fun than i had expected. I suppose it was the very outgoing sexy little blonds grinding on my seduced and loose whiskey filled body. We woke up the next morning looked at each other like we had just seen the evil older jerks from casper the friendly ghost. Once again headed straight to the bar a little more hesitant to get that first drink down but we powered. Slowly getting our drinks down one by one to keep a steady buzz throughout the day. We checked out the city a bit played jenga and let the girls paint our big toes then started to pour shots of jack as the concert came closer.Although the concert was a lot shorter than expected and the all day ravers from previous dj sets were wide eyed and coming down. I found a few canadiens who were in just as fine form as we were and said were going wild for the night fuck being polite to anyones little depressed withdrawing girlfriends close by. We started a good little moshpit and turned everyones frown either upside down or into a ” fuck off eh” kind of look, not that we had any idea or care of what they were thinking. Asap ferg went off later that night in the club we went to singing bobby schmurda hot nigga and dump dump with the dj which got people moving and booties twerkin.

Over all it was a good ass time and my birthday was a beautiful success once again. Thanks Pat for being my bank for the weekend hope those checks don’t get lost. Hope to see those blonde beauties and Canadian accents again soon.

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