4th up and down

Balaram Stack July 4, 2013 0

Well today is one of my favorite holidays celebrating those who have risked their lives being brave and courageous for us americans to be free. Everyday should be patriotic but today is the day everyone gets to shout it out put it on our faces and drink it down. I am currently  down in acapulco at a contest with a few of my good friends goodale and ian crane and as i get so happy to have this day happening i lose with an interference. The feeling of losing is pretty terrible but it turned around quite swiftly with this jack and ginger slowly flowing down the back of my throat. I have a hipster flat brim red white and blue hat and a few good people around me at an outdoor bar so life on the fourth isnt so bad after all. Hopefully dylan keeps on truckin and wins this thing so we can have another reason to celebrate.

ps. I snuck a few fireworks left over from the northeast embrace the strange volcom tour that will make this evening a bright one to remember. Be safe everyone and Dont do anything i wouldnt do.



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