Bonjour ma chérie…….

Balaram Stack August 16, 2013 0


Not sure if people have noticed or know what the hashtag #roadto100 is but I’ve reached it. Not only did i get to 100 but i did it in fine form being that i supposedly am eskimo brothers with one of my favorite all time rappers a$ap rocky. and coincidently the place the girl was with rocky is the place i am currently hungover as fuck getting shut down by beautiful little french heartbreakers. I’ve had quite an interesting past 3 weeks going from the us open of surfing with one of my best friends ravaging throughout the vestal bus getting every girl and their mothers to come have a drink to getting my passport, camera, computer ect. stolen off the same bus. this became quite the nightmare missing a contest in mexico and spending a lifetime in la getting a new one.

Now we are talking about the adventures of making out with beautiful teases and listening to american oldies in the french club.not to mention i shaved my face with a razor for the first time in my life yesterday thinking that would give me some confidence for the night. It felt good but didn’t work apparently. all we can do now is pop another 1 euro bottle of wine and try again on these breast filled beaches.

Wish us luck….



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