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Balaram Stack August 20, 2013 1


As i fly to virginia looking down on these heavenly looking clouds i try not to think about what ive lost this past month. Along with my mind which was lost a long time ago i got two backpacks stolen.

One at the usopen including my camera with about 6 different trips worth of photos, my favorite skullcandy headphones, electric shaver, macbook air, chargers for everything and worst of all my passport. Whoever grabbed that thing hit the jackpot. It caused me to miss an event in mexico and a new passport and computer costed me about two grand and to think this was the least damage compared to the other bag.

Then after ending a great week like that with getting the first bag stolen. I spent hours upon hours getting a new passport, computer, headphones and backpack then headed to lacanau, france thinking i was starting over and did. Had a great trip going to bordeaux meeting goodales future ex wife along with many many other non english speaking beautiful girls. The contest went exceptionally well for me being that i was able to have fun with friends at night to getting the highest heat total of my life a 19 point something and ended up placing 5th with $4000 in my pocket. Sounds like a great trip right?
So now im partying with everyone planning on riding with my brazilian friends to the airport and whataya know. My phone dies i miss my ride and spend $400 on a flight change to go home instead of virginia. I find a new ride and i have a headache the size of thailand. Notsobad so far. I get to the airport get raped for boards 400 more dollars. Ok i can deal with that. Get to NY go through customs get to my moms car and drive off. Twenty minutes later i look for my wallet to pay for my vb flight and my stomach drops. I franticly tell my mother to turn around quick. On the way back i tried thinking where it could possibly be and what was in it. The brand new skullcandy bag included my two week old macbook pro, all sponsor stickers, favorite fake leather jacket, wallet with every card i have in it, And this time worst of all my hard earned prize money from the contest. All 3400 dollars of it gone. All i can really do is keep calling lost and found and pray to whoevers up there to help me out with finding this thing. I must have had some shit on my mind being that i couldnt keep track of my backpack going from baggage claim to my mothers car. I guess all i can say to myself is how much of an idiot i am and to keep living a d learning. Hope whoevers got it now enjoys that brand new computer and prize money.
Thanks lost brain
Until next goodtime or bad dilemma


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  1. Chad August 20, 2013 at 5:13 pm - Reply

    That is a fucking terrible story, sorry to hear that. At least you had fun in the making.

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