Far South Of The Border

Dylan June 18, 2013 0

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Well that was just typical of us to launch a website then disappear for a week or two… The day we launched ITC we both went on a separate last minute strike mission. Bal escaped to Peru, while I went back to Mainland Mexico, to the land of right points. Dunphy saw a south swell that looked more than ideal so we grabbed Luke and started booking flights. New friend, Matt Grote, came to film and Ryan “Chachi” Craig documented the trip with his photography and chia seed obsession.

The first afternoon we had a classic conversation about the benefits of drinking coffee, how some random hero thought to make the first batch, and how any of us would be able to function properly without that beautiful feeling of being coffee-high. I sound like a drug addict… Oh well. Turns out that those talks were sort of a foreshadowing to the rest of the trip because we were waking up at 3:30 AM to get in the car and drive for two hours. It’s safe to say that by the fifth day of this we were well and truly fucked. I’ve only just recovered, a full week later. However, the price we paid to be the first people in the water was beyond well worth it…

Here are a few photos from a combination of my new little Canon PowerShot and my trusty IPhone 4s…  Video evidence will be up soon and hopefully you will see photos in a Transworld SURF magazine near you…


Dylan             x

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