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Dylan August 23, 2013 1



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France is an inspiration for your inner romantic. I fell in love with a girl at one of the many little cafés in Bordeaux. Dark hair, pretty eyes, and the cutest little smile. She was wearing high-waisted orange shorts and Doc’s. I talked to her for a little but there was a slight language barrier. She had to go back to work. My friends wanted to leave. We got on our one-euro bikes and turned our backs on her forever.

After a few minutes of biking and thinking about how I will never see this pretty little thing ever again, I saw a man selling roses. I bought one and ran into the closest bar to borrow a pen. Wrote my name, number, email, and a little note on the back of a receipt and hurried back to the little bar containing, as Bal says, “my future ex-wife.”

She was surrounded by the rest of the waitresses but I walked straight up to her and handed her, first the roses, and then the piece of paper containing a possible means of establishing communication between two far away people. She accepted it and we kissed on the cheek. I pulled together a little “Au revoir!” and ran out to catch up with my friends as the sun was starting to set.

Even if nothing ever comes of this spontaneous act of mine, I will not be mad. A little sad maybe, since I will probably never see that girl again. But happy that I didn’t just let myself walk away without even knowing her name. So many times have I regretted not saying hi or stopping to have a conversation with a pretty girl but not this time. I didn’t even get to kiss her or take her home with me but maybe in the future I will receive a random text or email. And I will smile.

– D


scroll down for photos taken with my nifty new Fujifilm X-M1…

… and stay tuned for another spontaneous adventure taking place excitingly soon. x.

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  1. Kelly August 29, 2013 at 3:10 am - Reply

    dylan, you’re such a sweet man 😉

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