Lights and Music in the Desert

Dylan May 23, 2013 2


First of all, the place is hot as fuck. Second, it’s almost a hundred miles away from the ocean. Third, there is thousands of people crammed into a few acres of polo field. And yet, Coachella is in my opinion one of the greatest places in the world. 2013 was my 2nd time to the biggest music festival on Earth and it did not disappoint. This year we knew what we were dealing with and we did it right. I even bought a nice little Canon Powershout SX160 to document some of it! And what a whirlwind it was…

Our whole crew could never stick together. A few to Sahara, some to Yuma, and more following their pre-meditated plan to see their favorites. We saw it all. We were here, there, and everywhere all at once. We split up and we reunited again and again. Triple shoulder stacks, kicked out of the beer garden, finding old friends, making new ones, and hugging every random girl along the way. Crane even got a ride back to Orange County one morning because he thought he had enough! He drove back by noon. It was the closest thing Neverland. A playground for young and old. Youth eternal. The music was as fucked up as us. The XX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, Wu Tang Clan, Luciano, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Descendants, Postal Service, Dillon Francis, and many more…

I would love to say that below is a slideshow of the photos that I took with my crisp new camera… but it was last seen swinging by a string on my wrist in an Iphone video of me running around hugging random girls on the final day of the festival… The digital memories of Coachella I had been capturing all weekend were lost. But what can you do? We have our memories. We may have to piece a few of them together or hear of our actions and adventures from others, but isn’t that half the fun!? Below you can enjoy the photos we did come away with thanks to our collection of Iphones! Can’t wait till next year. x


IMG_2076IMG_2081IMG_2075 photo-1IMG_2077IMG_2074IMG_2086 IMG_2083 photo-2photo IMG_2080 IMG_1761



  1. patricia June 6, 2013 at 2:26 am - Reply

    if you check the coachella site they have pics of lost cameras

  2. Ben Wiener June 13, 2013 at 11:45 am - Reply

    what about camp bisco?!?!

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