Pieces #4 – Emily Ratajkowski

Dylan July 15, 2013 0

This week I decided to write a Pieces post about a young lady that most all of us have been infatuated with since her appearance in the scandalous music video for ‘Blurred Lines’. If you havn’t seen it, watch it here: http://islandtocity.com/blurred-lines/ . Emily Ratajkowski stole our hearts with both her bodily perfection and luscious lips but what causes the craze to watch her over and over is the confidence that she shows while dancing naked for all to see. She demands our attention and we are only to happy to give it to her…

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tumblr_mpxww20z6C1rrzx32o2_500 Emily Ratajkowski Pictures  tumblr_mpu5hmQx7P1rrzx32o2_1280tumblr_mpxwtzo1CQ1rrzx32o3_1280tumblr_mpsu05eZxj1raevivo1_500tumblr_mpooueGtbQ1szbm02o1_500


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