To the Stone

Balaram Stack May 10, 2013 0

so fucking happy to have finally gone to the stone side of things. Volcom Stone has been one of my favorite surf companies for the longest time. Wether its the people the contests or even the parties, i have always had the best time with them. i remember back in the day i was about 11 or so before i even knew what an nssa was i would do the vqs comps and my friends and i would spray paint VOLCOM in massive letters on the bottom of our boards. The paint was so thick and rough im pretty sure it slowed me down more than anything but i thought i was killing it! These vqs comps led me to my first trip ever to california. It was myself, tj gumeila and richie bogart from home. We were so siked to be there we were starstruck by any kid doing a cutback with a logo on the nose of their board. i went back year after year and the celebrations got bigger and older having the best time in the world. Volcom has always felt like a family wether i was riding for them or not. I’m cant wait for whats to come these next few years. stay tuned for bigger better adventures from the I.T.C.


my first ever trip to california so young and innocent if i only knew then what i know now…..

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